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History/ Geography

Autumn Term


This term we will be looking at our local history. The children will learn how Hereford has changed overtime and visit some historic landmarks. Before Christmas we will take a trip to the historic Alm's Houses where we will meet a very grisly guest under the floorboards! We also visit the Mappa Mundi and have a living history walk around Hereford City.



Spring Term


Our History topic this half term is ‘The Mysterious Maya.' 

 We will be going back in time and learning all about the life of the people of ancient Mesoamerica. We will be exploring the language, historical timeline, society and culture of this Maya civilisation. If you would like to find out about the Mayas there are some websites to here that are useful.






Summer Term - London's Calling

Summer Term - London's Calling 1

This term we we will be learning all about our nation's capital city. We we be studying the history and geography of London as well as learning about the gruesome legends and amazing history of some of our iconic landmarks. We will also learn about our Royal Family as we prepare to visit our capital city.