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Homework Diary

This area gives you a clear timetable to help you be organised. You can also download many of the homework sheets, although not all are on here so do look after the sheets you are given in class. Some homework will need to be completed 'online'. Any children who do not have access to the internet/computer at home will have the opportunity to complete it in school at lunchtimes. We remind them frequently about this, so they don't miss out.


SPELLING TEST & TIMES TABLES test is every Wednesday.
Please practice these as often as you can at home.

Please read to your parents/adult adult at least 3 times per week and ask them to sign your diary. Reading every day is even better! indecisionDon't forget, you will earn a housepoint every time you have 3 signatures in your diary.frown

Date given                  Maths English/Topic Date due in

Worksheet: Tipping The Balance decimal weights

Learn Division facts for the 7 and 6 times table for a test.
Don't forget to try Hit The Button to help become super fast.                  

Invent a game which teaches children about sustainability. (The children have played different games in school as examples and have had many lessons on the topic. We have had thinking time in class and discussion about possible game ides so everyone should have a good idea of what to do). It could be a game like snakes and ladders/dominoes/cards etc or a map/plan of an obstacle course game.
READING: 3 times per week with diary signed



Learn times tables: divided by 8 and divided by 4

WORKSHEET: Articles and determiners

READING: 3 times per week with diary signed

20/6/18 Learn times tables: Make a poster for the factors and products of the 7x table

WORKSHEET: Main and Subordinate clauses

READING: 3 times per week with diary signed



play the mini tasks on this bbc page all about analogue and digital time

Learn times tables, 5x and 12x inc divided by

Worksheet: Teacher Terror
(a revision sheet where children need to find all the mistakes and correct them)

SPELLINGS: Set 9 homophones revision
READING: 3 times per week with diary signed


Learn times tables

(no other homework than revise mixed tables and divisions)

(no other homework besides spellings and reading)

READING: 3 times per week with diary signed

11/7/18 no maths homework keep reading! and just revise set 6-10 of Spelling book  


Date given Maths homework English Homework Date due in

Fractions worksheet


Mixed x tables


apostrophe s worksheet

Spelling - set 1 word list 6
Read 3 times per work and have diary signed


Rainforest map game


Mixed x tables

Focus on Square Numbers (1x1, 2x2, 3x3 etc.)

Research facts about your group's biome topic. Bring any notes, pictures or fact boxes to school. Next geography lesson you will be putting together all of your research into either a large poster or powerpoint.


Spelling - set 2 word list 7
Read 3 times per wk and have diary signed


Mixed x tables

Focus on the bottom right hand corner of the multiplication grid where numbers over 5 need to be multiplied by either x6, x7, x8, or x9 - the trickiest ones to remember!

Revise Conjunctions and Prepositions - grammar worksheet
- set 3 word containing 'sion' (as zhun)
Read 3 times per wk and have diary signed
Tuesday 8/5/18 (due to trip on wed)
  For Homework over next 2 weeks, I have asked the children to make a model ( shoebox size if poss) of a coalmine. The model needs to be brought in to school by Monday 21st May. Spellings and times tables need to be completed as normal.  



Mixed x tables: tricky bottom right once more!

Spelling - set 4 words ending in 'ous'
Read 3 times per wk and have diary signed
16/5/18 Mixed x tables Spelling - set 5 words ending in 'ation'
Read 3 times per wk and have diary signed


Date given

SPRING 2nd TERM - 2018


English Date due in
Wed 28th Feb


Your child already has a log-in written in their homework diary for this online maths game. Please aim to complete at least 20 questions as accurately as possible. Parents - no need to sign your child's homework diary, as I can check progress online. If you would like to check how they are progressing for yourself, a letter has been sent home with your child outlining how to set up a parent account.
Homework 1: Division Facts 

x-tables and division facts: 5s and 6s

Task: Please revise and learn all the parts you need to know for next week's Year 4 Assembly. We will be performing on Thursday 8th March at 9:15. 

Spellings Term 2 set 6:
Reading 3 times per week inc signed by adult

Wed 7th March
Wed 7th Mar

Homework 2: Multipky and divide by 

x-tables and division facts: 7s and 6s

Task: speech punctuation sheet
Spellings Spellings Term 2 set 7:
Reading 3 times per week inc signed by adult

Wed 14th Mar
Wed 14th Mar

Task: Fractions game (on paper) to be played at home with a partner or parent. Please sign the sheet on the back to say you have played and write any comments here too. 

x-tables: 7x - 4 second challenge. We have revised 7s quite a lot now. But can you answer within 4 seconds?

Task: Technical Vocabulary crossword (sheet)

Spellings Term 2 set 8:

Reading 3 times per week inc signed by adult

Wed 21st Mar
Wed 21st Mar Task: Fraction Pairs - Match the picture of a fraction to the fraction number.

x-tables: 6x ..... answer in 4 seconds

Task: Alphabetical Order Worksheet
Spellings Spellings Term 2 set 9: 

Reading 3 times per week inc signed by adult

Wed 28th Mar
Wed 28th Mar

Task: As many of you love to lay Prodigy, I will arrange for PRODIGY MATHS to come up with the times tables facts you are revising. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY THIS ON PRODIGY - use anything that helps you learn these tables (eg post-its in unusual places or Hit The Button) 

x-tables: 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x   and their divisions... in 4 seconds

Task: NOUN PHRASES worksheet
Spellings Term 2 set 10: 

Reading 3 times per week inc signed by adult

Wed 18th April