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What a terrific bunch of mathematicians we have in this class! We are ready to move onwards and upwards in our mathematical journey together. Stay tuned to this page as we unfold the various topics and learn along with us.frown

Autumn Term 2018

PLACE VALUE: We revise the number system up to 10, 000 and then go beyond to learn...

1) What  an amount of any number look like, especially with large amounts...10,000  100,000 and 1,000,000.
Do you remember how we made a tower of 10,000 cubes last year?


This is an ART exhibition made of of 10,000 plastic toy soldiers. Can you find other pictures of what 10,000 looks like?


2) How to say a large number accurately and where do the digits belong when we place them in a place value table?
interactive maths worksheet

You will find our place value chart grows wider as the numbers increase.
PARENTS: If we have a number... 53,246    we are thinking about DIGITS and how each digit represents a value.
e.g.The value of the digit 3 is 3000. Here, 3 is not a 'number' but a 'digit'. Wherever digits are positioned in the sequencec define what the number is. The number 3000 is much larger than the number 3..
digit 5 = number 50,000 (5 lots of 10,000)   
digit 3 = number 3000 (3 lots of 1000)   
digit 2 = number 200 (2 lots of 100)   
digit 4 = number 40  (4 lots of 10)   
digit 6 = number 6 (6 lots of 1)

50,000 + 3000 + 200 + 40 + 6 = 53,246


This is called a 'Gattegno' chart and is another useful way to read numbers and how they are partitioned. 

3) Compare which is...   more >   less <    equal =

4) Round up and down


5) Roman Numeral system up to 1000

I love this game... it starts off easy and grows gradually harder with each level. There is also puzzle pieces of buildings to make!

6) Negative numbers - the pdf below is a an exampe of the kinds of questions we work on. We talk about the rise and fall in temperatures and what is the difference between temperatures. Notice how the temperature drops below Zero degrees during the Winter. Perhaps there is a thermometer on your freezer at home or on the car dashboard. For a bigger challenge, think about what it means to go below Zero pounds or pence in a bank account and what being 'overdrawn' means.