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We practise times tables practise daily following a fun scheme called 'Snappy Maths!'. We will be chanting tables, singing tables and recalling them to support our recall.

There is a weekly times tables test every Monday so if you could help them with their tables that would be great.

If you have the chance to test them could you ask the questions out of order so they are not just learning the pattern but what the tables actually mean – thanks. 


We are looking at time, place value, multiplication and division, fractions and data handling to name but a few topic areas - they will be kept very busy!


In school, the children have been learning how to use the 'Mymaths' site.  It is a great resource for children to learn and practise any area of maths, as often as they like, as well as completing any 'homework' task. 

If you have an ipad, then Mymaths recommend downloading a free app called Puffin Academy, which allows the animations to play.

If your child does not have access to the internet at home, we offer specified lunchtimes to complete homework in class on a Thursday (for Class 3).