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Below is an example of last year's diary, so this is not for you...yet! 

Finished homework from last year - please ignore

We are almost at the end of Year 4 now so it's really important that you do as much as you can to practise your x tables. Y4s are expected to know them all up to 12x. 
Hit The Button is a popular link so that's a good place to start.


Date Given Numeracy Literacy Date Due
4th June

Bronze medal sheet

plus revise
2x 3x 4x  for test

11th June
11th June Silver medal sheet

plus revise
5x 6x 7x  for test
18th June
18th June Gold medal sheet

plus revise
8x 9x  10x for test

Create a poster
'All about me'

25th June
2nd July Revise
11x  12x  for test
Postcard to year 3 9th July

I would like you to choose ONE biome from around the world and create a project about it. it should include the following details:
1) Details about the plants and animals that liver there
2) Facts about the weather/temperature/climate
3) Information about the kinds of people that live in this biome.

Your project should include pictures or drawings to go with your writing. 
You could, if you wish, make a model of the biome. Remember that if you make a model, it should still have writing to go with it as explained above. 
Use the websites on the geography page to help you.


Poster - 'All about me'
This poster is a chance to show your creative skills yet again. Your poster will be passed on to your next teacher, so she will know all about you before September. It should be A4, portrait or landscape and should include information:-
1) about your family and friends
2) favourite hobbies and past-times
3) an unusual/interesting fact about you (eg. I'm not from Hereford, I was born in....) 
4) hopes wishes for the future


Postcard to year 3
This should be an A5 size postcard. On one side, draw a picture of 'Life in Year 4' (Malvern / Offa's Dyke / Music lessons / Assemblies / Devices / Sewing and Batik  etc - the choice is yours!) On the reverse, write a clear and neat message to the children, explaining what they can expect in year 4 - especially anything different to what they already know. We will give these to Class 3 to read to help them prepare for moving to Year 4.


Date given Numeracy Literacy Date due
23rd Apr 

Use this 
clock to help
you answer your questions
if you find telling the
time a little tricky.

Comprehension Sheet
Clearing The Clutter
30th April
30th April


Comprehension Sheet

7th May
7th May


Comprehension Sheet

14th May
14th May

6x  12x

Comprehension Sheet
Practising The Piano

21st May
21st May No homework - half term
Date Given Numeracy Literacy Date Due
26th Feb Multiply by 10 worksheet
3x and 6x tables
The Human Skeleton
5th March
5th March Multiply & Divide
word probs
5x and 10x tables
Mute Swan
12th March
12th March

2x and 4x tables

The Village
19th March
19th March

Word Problems sheet
7x and 9x tables

Into The Pit
26th March


16th April

(After Easter Holidays)

Reflections and Angles sheet
8x tables
23rd April