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Welcome to our new, exciting and very colourful website!


This has been designed to give you lots of information and up to date news regarding events due to take place both in and out of school.  It also gives us an opportunity to share with the wider community all that is special about our school.


As a school we provide a safe, secure and happy environment for all our children and staff.  We teach a curriculum that encourages children to grow in confidence and helps them to acquire positive skills and values which will assist them in their future lives.


At the heart of the learning process lies the child.  Children's basic needs, happiness and self esteem come first.  Many visitors comment on how happy and hard working our children are, and that our school is a warm and welcoming environment.  This is something we are particularly pleased about, and is reflected in our School Mission Statement.
As a Church of England School we have a Christian values based curriculum and these are embedded  in our Acts of Worship and follow on into the classroom using circle time and PHSE.We have a different value each month and these are reviewed annually.  We would very much appreciate it you would help us by re-enforcing these at home.   Our Values are attached at the bottom of this page.


As an eco-school, we are trying to reduce the school's use of resources.  All our Friday newsletters and school correspondence will now be available to view on the School VLE. 


You will also be able to view these through the "Parents" area of the web site.