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Art and D.T.

Art - Autumn 1

  • Creating self-portraits, looking at the work of Picasso as inspiration.
  • Observational drawings of ourselves.
  • Use leaf printing techniques to create an autumnal picture.


Art - Autumn 2

  • Collage and drawings of houses and farms.


Art - Spring 1

  • Collage and painting of different weather and the four seasons.


Art - Spring 2

  • Studying the artist Paul Klee and creating our own version of the 'Castle and the Sun'. 


D&T - Spring 2

  • Creating a castle with a moving drawbridge and opening doors.


Art - Summer 1

  • Painting in the style of the artist Queenie McKenzie.


D&T - Summer 1

  • Making a fruit salad.


Art - Summer 1

  • Using clay and sequins to create a rainbow fish. 


D&T - Summer 2

  • Creating moving pictures.