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Our artwork will be based on Maya Art and proportion.

We will consider texture, proportion and shape in order to create images inspired by traditional Maya artifacts and the children will be designing and creating their own Maya inspired head-dress. Children will be learning to draw people in different positions and movements. In DT the children will be making bread in the first half of the term and creating our own Harvest loaf to present during the Harvest service.


 Kayden's sketch looking at size and proportion





Charlotte's sketch of Darwin's finches

Spring 2020

In Spring the children will be looking at perspective. They will create images and artwork that considers different starting points and then move on to looking at creating pictures of buildings and landscapes. 

Summer Term

The summer term sees lots of Art work for year 6. We will be studying an artist called L.S Lowry and discovery his amazing artwork and the inspiration behind his fabulous paintings. We will also be extremely busy building the props for our end of year production. 

In DT we will be combining our electricity work in science to create a movable fairground ride. The children will learn about rotary motion and the use of gears and when our rides are completed we will hold a mini fairground of our own and invite the rest of the school to join in our fun.

Year 6 Fairground Rides!