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Bubble 2 (Y2)

Wednesday 1st July 2020

ENGLISH - Newspaper report - An animal has escaped from the circus and is roaming the streets of the local town. Get the children to write a newspaper report on this, getting the opinions of the locals, the reaction from the circus and what the authorities and going to do about it. Use PowerPoint will help the children understand what makes a good newspaper report and planning sheet to organise their ideas.


Thursday 2nd July 2020

ENGLISH - Descriptive Writing - Show the children a picture of a circus scene on the IWB and get them to describe what they can see. Get them to think about what they might hear and what they might smell too. Use the sound clip from the circus and get them to imagine they are actually at the circus. Children pretend they are peering through the fence of a circus and describe what they can see and hear.


Friday 3rd July 2020

In addition to Spelling Shed Hives etc. KS1 and KS2 sheets - Order the circus words alphabetically.


Wednesday 24th June 2020 - ENGLISH - Key Worker Bubble Resources

Documents below:

1. Year 5/6 or able Y4s fact file to read, collect facts and model writing on.

2. Differentiated fact files for Y4/Y3 and KS1 to read and collect facts. Use as a model.

3. Templates to write on, will print off at A3 for KS2, so there is more space to write.

4. EXTENSION - Sea animal mini fact cards to read.

5. Comprehension questions once cards have been explored. Will print off with some questions removed and some extended.


Introduction to lesson ideas

Can you name a seaside location in UK? Research how many miles of coast line there are around the UK.

Show a word bank (Example words; coastline, sand, shingle, rock, pebble, rock pool, sand dune, tide, sea shore, challenge words; colony, marine debris, erosion, pollute) and ask children to define. 

Decide on headings for sections of fact sheet (could be; What is a beach? Where to find beaches? What lives on the coast? What to do at a beach?)


Pets in French

Learn the words for some pets in French