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How Search Works

There are quite a few different 'search engines' on our computers. Have you ever wondered what happens when you search on them? This video is made by Google and gives an explanation of how they do it. The time it takes for a search to be done on Google is less then 1/2 second, and involves quite a few steps before you see the most relevant results. Here's how it all works.

What's New in Scratch

Scratch 3.0 is here! Check out some of the exciting new features. Try it:


SCRATCH is one of the coding programs we use in KS2. Children can learn to control a 'sprite' to move around, speak or make changes to objects it touches. You can download a Scratch junior (5-7) version  free for ipads and tablets too. So coding doesn't only have to be done in school - try it at home too and you'll soon be expert computer programmers! At the bottom of this page, there is a pdf full of hints and tips on which piece of code to use for different effects.





Another site we use in school is Espresso. The children will have worked on this lower down the school. It's a really simple way to code and make games, with videos showing you what to do.
If you need to log in - User: student15593      Password: griffin






You can watch the adventures of Captain Kara once again or visit the Kidsmart site to find out even more ways to keep safe online. Do you have a younger brother or sister? Why not read this interactive bookwith them which helps them understand about e-safety?

We have researched and written about E-Safety. See our writing and listen to our podcasts on our very own website. It was made using a free educational website creator called 'Weebly'. We typed our topics up using word and then copied and pasted them into our Weebly design template. The podcasts were recorded on the ipad and uploaded to the site. Unfortunately you won't hear/see our podcasts, as they are hidden. To activate them, this meant paying the site provider $70! . Never mind though - we can publish our own podcasts right here if you scroll to the bottom of this page! Meanwhile, you'll still be able to read the transcripts here





Class 4 from 2014 used a software called Zu3D, webcams and an ipad to produce this animation of the digestive system. The children worked in small groups to plan their scenes and decide how to narrate it. We hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the current year 4s are working on animations showing how a food chain works. Here they are building sets and practising the moves...










Funmoods' Online Safety Kit - Little Red Riding Mood

Watch Little Red Riding Mood to learn about safe Facebook surfing. Brought to you by Funmoods, endorsing responsible online surfing.

Funmoods- Online Safety- Little Red Riding Mood Chap.2

Watch chapter 2 of Little Red Riding Mood to learn more on safe Facebook surfing. Brought to you by Funmoods, endorsing responsible online surfing. visit us at: or

Funmoods - Online Safety- Little Red Riding Mood- Chapter 3

Watch Little Red Riding Mood in her Adventures. A series for parents and kids about Facebook Safety visit us at: or

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