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Design Technology & Art

Painting in Watercolour

Class 4 are studying habitats and classification of living things. So in art, they have studied a butterfly very closely to try and show all of the parts as accurately as possible. Mrs Skyrme has been extremely impressed with their observations and careful painting. Well done everyone.nofrown
To link with our 'Electricity' science topic, you will make a toy/game which uses battery power. Here are some examples of Quiz board games which light up when you touch the correct answer.
lass 4 made Quiz Cards that lit up if you answered correctly
We study the abstract art of Ben Nicholson and explore ways to sketch and paint in his style.
Take a look at a range of his work on the Tate Gallery website by clicking the link below.



To compliment our topics, class 4 always make something using a batik method. This is drawing with melted wax and then painting over fabric dyes - a rather vibrant and splashy way of making artwork which is so particular to the look of anything produced in batik. 
Once the composition on the fabric is finished, we will be learning to sew in back-stitch to turn it into something wonderful such as a book bag or a mini-magical flying carpet.
You'll find our work on display in the classroom once they're all dried and sewn together. 

The drawing has been waxed over and here we are putting the dye on top of it.

In the final term, we will be constructing a musical instrument, learning how to make good joins and using our tools to make a strong finish. This links beautifully to our SCIENCE topic of 'SOUND'. Here are some of the most popular examples of instruments that the children love to make.