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Welcome to St Mary's Design and Technology (DT) page!


Design and technology is taught throughout the school and thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils.  The children are taught to be creative, use their imagination, think logically and learn new technical skills.  DT links with lots of other subjects within the curriculum, and prior knowledge is used for designing and making, eg. maths for measuring, art for designing, science for materials and their properties, electricity...


The children create both 2D and 3D work, they are taught and encouraged to develop ideas, plan and design, and then make their product/ creation, finally the children will evaluate their work.


The children will learn new skills and techniques, using different media and materials, these include:
Consruction and joining, including woodwork.
Clay work- new techniques, such as coiling.
Mechanisms- moving pictures using levers.
Food- cookery
Textiles- weaving and learning sewing skills.
Pneumatics- learning about how to use the energy stored in compressed air.
Circuits and switches- making the bulb light up.
ICT- Designing and learning new skills.

These techniques are taught in fun ways, for example, making puppets and slippers, making a light bulb light up in a lighthouse, making rockets out of junk materials, making fairground rides and making bread.


The children will use new and different tools and equipment in the process of their designing and making.


If you would like to know any more information about DT pop and see Mrs Fosbery (DT coordinator)