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Friday 12th June


Take 10 in French

Phonics - recap  'ay' and 'ee'. Practise writing words with these sounds. Focus on handwriting and correct use of Fred Fingers.

My money week - Activity 'Leap Year' 


Read activity plan on Activity leap year PDF


Print- Savings plan PDF  You will need: savings plan (one per child), PP leap year


.Introduce the children to what a leap year/day is 

.Go through PP 

.Each child to draw ideas of how to earn/save money on Savings Plan sheet. 

Children have made money boxes this week so you could discuss how they can keep their saving safe in their money box. 


English - speaking and listening

Re-read 'The Billy Goat's Gruff'. Children create a bridge and the three characters. Children re-tell the story using their characters and their bridge.



Go outside and act out the story of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff'.


Art - painting

Children create a bridge painting using a bridge stencil and green and blue paint.