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Friday 12th June

Friday 12th June

My Money Week: What is TAX?

Junior Tax lessons pack

This is a long document - you won't need all of it!  But if you want to do more on another day - feel free!

For today - Read and follow the plan on Pages 10, 11 & 12  After the video, there are up to 2 exercises to think about and discuss. 

NB: (the plan says there is an interactive version of the town but it doesn't work- instead children can look at the picture of the town on page 27. The answers can be seen on the following pages)

Junior Tax Facts

A simple introduction to tax for 8 to 11 year olds, which explains that taxes provide the money needed to pay for the things that are essential to them, thei...

mountain animals

Mountain Animals comprehension

PM task:
Draw the walking boots (see Y5 task today)

Finish movie time