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Autumn Term

North America

The children will be looking specifically at the physical geography of this continent as well as a little of the history and human geography. We will begin to use longitude and latitude. If you want to learn the names of the states of America to impress us all before we start, try this website!




Spring Term

Our world in the future
Describe and understand key aspects of climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.








Summer Term

London - Geography focus

In this unit we will be:

  • camparing where we live in rural Herefordshire to Central London
  • looking at how the size of London has change over time
  • describing key aspects of the physical and human environment
  • looking at maps of different scales and comparing their keys
  • measuring distance, both straight and along roads, using the scale of the map
  • using digital maps to identify key landmarks in London
  • using 4 and 6-figure grid references to locate specific landmarks on an OS map of London
  • Revisit features of a river with a study of the River Thames