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Autumn Term


Our History topic this half term is ‘The Mysterious Maya.' 

 We will be going back in time and learning all about the life of the people of ancient Mesoamerica. We will be exploring the language, historical timeline, society and culture of this Maya civilisation. If you would like to find out about the Mayas there are some websites below that are useful.






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Video about the Maya Empire by Rhiannon and Olivia

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Spring Term

 London’s Calling!!
We will be learning all about the history of our capital city this  term in preparation for our visit. When we return

we will be studying the history of our capital. We will create a timeline of important events. We will consider and compare London today to that of London in the time of the Romans and the Tudors as well as looking at the cultural diversity of the city and predicting what changes their may be in the future.



Summer Term

Vicious Vikings

This term we will follow up on our viking workshop that was held earlier this year. We will learn all about the timeline of viking invasions and the places in which they settled and why they settled there. Their religions and beliefs are fascinating and we will investigate the different Gods that rules their lives and the stories and myths that they wrote to describe the world around them. If you are able to do a little research beforehand these websites and videos will give you a head start!


Knowledge organiser and vocabulary list

Viking History For Kids - Primary School History

Answers down below: Suitable for teaching 7-11s. This Lesson shows you the life of a Viking, an old Viking Town in Sweden. This is a fantastic video to start...

Knowledge organiser and vocabulary list