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This website is perfect for exploring all about living in Ancient Greek times .
It has been designed especially for children by the University of Manchester.
You will need to use the Internet Explorer Browser to see the graphics and animations.



Offas Dyke

Learn more about the famous earthworks which is said to have been created by the King of Mercia in Anglo Saxon times, King Offa. This amazing earth structure, with steep banks and ditches, acts as a border between wales and England. The dyke passes through Knighton and Y4 visit the area and walk along the famous dyke - seeing views for miles around.

West Stow- An Anglo-Saxon Village

Enjoy a lovely short film about this time in our history!

Anglo Saxons 

Our first History topic is all about Anglo Saxon Britain. We particularly find out about a very famous Anglo Saxon King - King Offa. This also links to our geography topic as King Offa has strong links with Herefordshire and the border with Wales.Click the pictures below to link to the BBC site about Anglo Saxon Kings and Laws



We learn what life was like for people in those days, especially when farming and harvesting crops. Link on the drawings below for some easy-to-read facts from two different online children's encyclopedias.



Ancient Greeks
In the Spring Term, our topic is all about the Ancient Greeks. There are links to a film clips, animations, audio books as well as some exciting websites...


Icarus myth presented through dance




In class we are learning to be oral storytellers of this myth. We have written a joint version and are learning to tell it off by heart. We had to include plenty of 'powerful verbs' as well as tell it in an exciting way.

FILM CLIP - Ancient Greek writing




PANDORA'S BOX - (with an easy-read version to click on the bottom right)


Explore Ancient Greece - an interactive website


The Queen's Longest Reign Elizabeth and Victoria ( BBC Documentaries )

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history on the evening of 9 September 2015. This documentary compares the lives and the reigns of two extraordinary women who have steered their courses through periods of remarkable change: Elizabeth and Victoria.

British Monarchs and British Values
For our special topic week, leading up to a tea party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, each class is studying a famous British Monarch. Y4 are studying Queen Victoria. Below are some useful links to help you research and write her biography

Queen Victoria for kids

BBC Famous People 

Ducksters: Simple biography


Invention of Railways