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What is a Mountain?

Defining what a mountain is can be tricky, but a good definition is, "any land mass higher and steeper than a hill."

Where do Mountains Come From?

Billy Blue Hair is your guide and educator as children learn how mountains are formed through plate tectonics.

Mt Everest-The whole story

An exciting and noisy film about climbing to the summit. We discover just how difficult and dangerous - and think about the question ...

(Rob intends to sponsor himself to go back to Mt Everest. He has launched an amazing maths website where he uses his adventures around the world to make his maths lessons more exciting.)

Useful websites for background information:


Specific mountains

Kilimanjaro - highest peak in Africa

 Denali - highest peak in North America and climbed by a 12 year old in 1998

 Ben Nevis - highest peak in Britain


How to climb mountains and why people do it, including dangers involved

An article on how to climb mountains

Questions and answers on why and dangers involved

 Great for dangers and how to overcome them

 Children’s views on why people climb

Tips for climbing mountains for beginners

 Advice for winter climbing

GREAT for photos

 Again, great photos

Packed with all you need to know about mountaineering

 News on mountains and mountaineering, including historical events