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Key Workers: School Update

Provision for children of key workers and the vulnerable during school closure.


Dear parents and carers,


As you are well aware government guidance is changing daily and we are again in a different situation today than we were on Friday. Therefore, we have had to think very carefully on the provision we are putting in place tomorrow.

The government stated very clearly that the safest place for children to be is at home. If there is an appropriate adult able to look after them and they do not need to be in school we would implore you to keep your child at home unless absolutely necessary. As a school we are running on a very small staff and we need to ensure that provision is provided only to those who have genuine need.

We have been told by the government that we should abide by the rules of social distancing in school and as such, we have put stringent measures in place to follow government guidance:

Regular handwashing, temperature taking and social distancing will be in effect. Please continue to follow the government guidance if your child or anyone in your household has been in contact with any of the coronavirus symptoms.

For those who will be attending school the school hours are flexible, so if you do not need childcare for the whole day please drop off or pick up your child when there is no longer a requirement for school to care for your child.  Please contact the school on 01432 760408 with your childcare needs ASAP.

  • Breakfast Club and Active 8 Club will be available.
  • All Children will need to bring a packed lunch, snack and drink.
  • Children can wear their own clothes.
  • Drop off as normal but collection maybe different – will let you know tomorrow.

We are all on the front line and battling this virus and need to work together to ensure children, families and staff are as safe as possible.

Please look after each other and yourselves. We will be in regular contact throughout this very difficult time.

Kind regards,

Mrs B Davies and the St Marys Staff