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Autumn Term 
Our units for the term are called...

1. Calculating Using knowledge of Structures
This builds on last year's work, thinking deeply about comparing amounts within an equation. e.g. using bar models and part whole models for the addends, minuends, subtrahends and difference. We remind the children that sometimes a simple adjustment to a calculation can be more efficient than reworking the whole calculation.

2. Multiples of 1,000

3. Numbers up to 10,000,000
Both of these units help to reinforce and extend the understanding of the Place Value of our number system.


4. Draw, compose and decompose shapes
This is a geometry unit and we will be brushing up on, and developing, our skills such as angle measurement, the language of shape (perpendicular, parallel, irregular etc) and precise measuring and drawing of lines

BELOW - some useful reminders on calculation strategies!

Y5/6 - how to use short division

Multiplying Decimals

Year 6 - long multiplication