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Autumn Term

Unit 1 - What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?
We learn about Islam, how and why followers worship and what the Five Pillars of Islam are. Towards the end of the this half term our focus turns to Harvest and visit St. Marys for a 'Harvest Experience' as well as participating in the KS2 Harvest Service.

Introduction to Islam

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Unit 2 - What does it mean if God is holy and loving?
Here the children explore the different ways God is described in the bible. We also think about our own local cathedral - to compare how the building can be compared to Christian ideas about God. As we approach Christmas our focus turns to advent and the nativity, once again returning to St. Marys church to worship and celebrate this special time in the Christian calendar.

Hereford Cathedral: A Journey Through Time!

See Hereford Cathedral as you have never seen it before through the centuries!

Spring Term

Unit 3: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

We are very lucky this term to be able to visit 2 different places of worhsip. The Balaji Hindu Temple and the Guru Nanak Smethwick  Sikh Gurdwara - both in Birmingham. We experience fully how the followers worship and what it is they believe.  This is always a wonderous trip where we feel the love and kindness of our hosts. Children also have the opportunity to experience the prayer rooms and to eat together with other worshippers, in the huge dining area of the Gurdwara. 


Having a breadth of experience in different places of worhip helps children to understand the importance of community in these places. We also look at modern Christian cimmunities who may choose a different way to come together and how some churches are changing their more traditional role in order to reach all members of its community.



Unit 4: What Did Jesus Do To Save Human Beings?

Y5 explore Jesus' last week on earth and especially the crucifixion. We learn about the stations of the Cross in more detail and also perform a play about The Easter Story at St. Mary's Church for the commmunity.



Summer Term

Unit 5: How Can Following God Bring Freedom and Justice?

We look at connections between Moses and the ideas about freedom and salvation.We explore how Christians put their beliefs into practice by trying to bring freedom to others. Hands Around The World is a local charity which helps to bring freedom and justice to many around the world. Class 5 will delve deeper into the impact of their work. We finish by considering thoughts such as how/if the story of Exodus is relevant today, to people of all or no faith.


Hands Around The World

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The children worked in groups to make pizza and fund-raise for this charity. Here are their thank-you messages!


Unit 6: Was Jesus the Messiah?

This follows on from the last unit. We move from the hopes of a new Messiah, as foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament, to the New Testament and the life of Jesus as Messiah

godsend: New Christian Community

Can you think of a Christian place of worship in Hereford which is not like a traditional church?