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Autumn Term

The Gospels

In RE this term we are looking at 'The Gospels.' We will be learning about the four Gospels and identifying features of the text and relate biblical ideas, teachings or beliefs (for example, about peace, forgiveness, healing) to the issues, problems and opportunities of our own lives and the life of our community in the world today.


The Story of Creation

In particular we will study Genesis 1 and make connections between the text and God as the Creator. We will then discuss how science and Christianity can complement each other and look at the Christian views of scientists. 

Spring Term

Places of Worship and Charity

In this unit we will be asking the question 'Is it better to express your religion in art and architecture or in charity and generosity?' In this unit we will be investigating how Christians' and Muslims' holy buildings and works of art matter to them as expressions of devotion to God and worship. We will be asking and answering the question 'How can people express their spirituality through art?' We will also be considering religious teachings, charity and ways of expressing generosity. 


Salvation - What Difference Does The Resurrection Make To Christians?

In RE we will be learning about the importance of the Easter story to Christians. The children will  make clear connections between Christian belief in the Resurrection and how Christians worship on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They will learn how Christians put their beliefs into practice in different ways and offer and justify their own responses as to what difference belief in Resurrection might make to how people respond to challenges and problems in the world today.