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Light and Electricity

This half term we are studying light and Electricity. There are some games for you to have a go at below!


Spring Term




In science the children will be studying living things and their habitats; adaptation and evolution and the life of Charles Darwin. We will focus on classification and the similarities and differences between different groups of living things including microorganisms, plants and animals.

Charles Darwin

One day a letter came to Darwin who twice failed to meet his father's expectations about him. It said professor Handler recommended Darwin as naturalist to the HMS Beagle scheduled to depart for the West Indies. His father, who objected to it at first, allowed him to go there after all because of his enthusiasm.

Use these powerpoints to find out about the life of Charles Darwin

Darwin Biography facts

Horrible Histories: Charles Darwin Natural Selection (Lyrics)


This half term we are looking at relationships, puberty and growing up. The children will be looking at how our bodies change as we get older and how babies are born – there is a short video on child birth that is included in these sessions, if you have any concerns please pop in and see me. There are some wonderful books available that can support your children’s learning at home. Some that are recommended are:

Usborne Facts of life – Growing up

Usborne: What’s happening to me Girls/boys