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Scott Of The Antarctic

90 Degrees South

90 Degrees South (1933) is a documentary comprised of footage shot by Herbert Ponting during the British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1912 led by Robert Falcon Scott.

The brave men have written letters home to describe the journey, the sights and sounds of the Antarctic.


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We have written verses for a class 'verb poem' to show all of the different jobs done by different men at base camp during the race to the South Pole.

The busy cook... Thomas Clissold

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We have layered how we say the verse to give it a different sound and feel. It makes the busy cook sound even busier!

Race to the South Pole: Terra Nova Expedition Documentary

This is a non-fiction film about the expedition

Scott reaches the South Pole

From the movie - Scott of the Antarctic 1948. This is a drama about the expedition and the parts are played by actors.

Captain Scott dies in his tent with Dr Wilson and Henry Bowers (Part 5)