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Special Educational Needs Team


Who’s Who

Mrs Roberts - Learning Mentor, Social and Emotional Support

Mrs Rawlings – Senco (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Mrs Jones – Senco Assistant and Service Pupils Support


All schools work with children with a range of learning styles and needs. Some children may need a bit of extra support with Literacy skills and others with Maths. Some children may have sight or hearing needs or have another disability which requires some adaptations to be made in school. Others benefit from support with friendships and social situations to get the best out of the school day.


Many children will need some support at some time during their schooling; this may be for a short time only others will need support to be on-going. If we feel that a child is not making as much progress as expected, despite adjustments to lessons then we would consult the parents or carers about placing a child on the Register of SEN. Being on the register highlights a difficulty, so that it is dealt with to the best of our ability. Some children are on the register for a short time only, while they catch up.


The Senco is in school every Monday and is very keen to talk to parents or carers who may have a concern. She will outline what is being done to help your child and what the next steps would be. Just make an appointment with the office or tell your child’s class teacher that you would like to talk to the Senco, who will then get in touch with you.


Mrs Jones is in school every day and works alongside the Senco, she has another role in supporting children from Service Families.

For policy information please refer to the statutory information page