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States of Matter

All the materials around us can be grouped, or 'classified', into sub headings of being either... solid, liquid or gas. Use the information on this page to help you decide which material belongs to which group.




Animations about the rules for solids, liquids and gases


Help Annie prepare some drinks at the right temperature


compare different temperature scales using this converter


'State' is another word we use for describing if something is solid, liquid or gas. Of course, we know that water can be a solid, liquid or a gas. We say that water changes state when it changes from a liquid to a solid or a liquid to a gas. Play this game to find out more.



We often need to discuss science in a group and make decisions about materials. Here we are deciding which items are solid, liquid or gas. We also had to say why they belonged in those categories. Gas was tough to describe!

eureka 20 measuring temp