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Thursday 21st May 2020

There are some brilliant activities in this booklet. Try the code breaker on page 10-13!

There is a lovely selection of activities in this booklet and a really nice book extract for you to sit and read and enjoy.

Here are some extension activities for the rest of the week for those who are enjoying the Festival and want to carry it on over half term!


Monday 18 May 2020

Cressida Cowell

The Wizards of Once: Knock Three Times

Extension Activity 


Keep your own magical ideas notebook

Think about what your own magical power would be

Draw a map of your magical place and write a story abou



Onjali Q Rauf

The Boy at the Back of the Class


Extension Activity

Become an Activist 

Write a letter about an issue you care about to:

Your local MP

The Prime Minister OR

The Queen


Tuesday 19 May 2020


Konnie Huq

Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World


Extension task 

Create your own character and develop a story around them using comic strip


Emma Carroll

The Somerset Tsunami


Extension activity 

If you have internet access, see if you can find out about the history of your local area. Are there any famous landmarks- buildings, churches, rivers, etc? Did anyone famous ever live in your area, or did anything famous or unusual happen there? If so, imagine you're alive at a point in the past, maybe living in a big, old house, or going to church or travelling up your street in a horse and cart... imagine the sights, smells, what you're wearing, thinking, feeling- and doing. Try to write about 250 words.

If you don't have the internet, choose your favourite view from a window in your house. Imagine you're looking out of that window 150 years ago. What do you see? How similar or different is the view? Also think about how you'd be thinking and feeling. Maybe the room you're standing in is very different, too.


Wednesday 20th May 2020


Chae Strathie

So You Think You’ve Got it Bad? Ancient Rome

Extension activity


1 - Come up with an ancient monster/god mash-up using bits from different animals (i.e. body of a cow, tail of a tiger, head of a chicken etc).

2 - Create your own silly ancient curse. The ancients loved magical charms and curses - so come up with your own funny ones.

3 - Write/draw a history comic strip. Come up with a character and send them back in time to a period of your choice, but make sure to use facts in your adventure to make it even more realistic.


Thursday 21 May 2020


Christopher Edge

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon


Extension Activity 

Send your own messages to the future: this could be a wish for the future, a poem for the future, or even a joke - just something you think would help, in a small way, to build a brighter future. Once you’ve  written the message to the future turn it into code, using the Pigpen Cipher code grids shown in Chris’s event.


Eloise Williams



Extension activity Eloise Williams 

•Choose five random objects from around your house, The more unlikely the objects are, the better!  

•Who might be carrying these objects in their suitcase?

•What does it tell you about that character? 

•Why are these objects so important to them? 

•Do these objects help you to start your story?

•When you have discovered your character begin to map the setting where your story takes place.


Friday 22 May 2020


Liz Pichon

Tom Gates: Spectacular School Trip (Really)


Extension activity 

Download the template from Hay festival website and decorate a shoe designed especially by Liz Pichon.