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Wednesday 10th June


Take 10 in French



Read The Enormous Crocodile


Maths - My Money

Does it cost money to keep a pet?

Keeping a pet fed and healthy costs money – food, pet home, vet bills, pet toys etc.

Just like people, animals have needs too. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our pets’ needs are met and that they’re happy and healthy. Just like people, our pets’ ‘needs’ cost money.

Do you think some animals are more expensive to keep as pets than other animals?

Would a crocodile be a good pet?

Would keeping a crocodile be more expensive than keeping an iguana? Yes, definitely!

• A crocodile will eat a lot more, so you’ll need to spend more money on its food.

• A crocodile will need a bigger enclosure with a swamp and more space to move – this will cost more than a tank.

• If a crocodile gets sick, it will need a special vet whose bills will be much higher than those for a domestic cat.

Draw a crocodile and an iguana and then write or draw all of the things you’ll need to provide for the two animals. Circle the items that you think will cost money. What will be the most expensive things?


Create a crocodile collage using different green pieces of paper.