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PARENTS - Try this site to help explain the maths we use in school. 



At St Mary's we believe that in order for children to be successful in adult life they need to have a good understanding of our number system. In Years R -6 we teach maths daily.Teachers plan their lessons from the new 2014 curriculum which is direct guidance from the government. The curriculum has an emphasis on children reasoning with numbers and so this year we are working on including regular reasoning activities to allow the children to think for themselves and apply their  skills.


Wherever possible we try to promote mathematics and encourage children to use their understanding of number not just in numeracy lessons but in other curriculum areas. This way,  children develop the ability to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning in a range of context and understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.


We know that mental maths is a key skill that enables children to access many other areas of numeracy and so we dedicate regular time to teach the children their times tables.  This year we have introduced 'Snappy Maths.' A whole school scheme that develop children's times tables knowledge through everyday practise. Please continue to practise times tables at home - it is a vital skill.

I have put some links to a few fun sites the children could use to help them learn their tables below.


I have added our written calculation policy to this page so you can see the methods we use to teach written calculation but if you would like any other information about how maths is taught here at St Mary's please come and have a chat with Mrs K. Jones - Year 6 teacher and Maths Coordinator.