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Thursday 23rd April


Week 2 - lesson 4 'Percentages as fractions and decimals' (not summer week 2)
Remember - these video lessons follow a sequence and need to be done in order. If you are finding this tricky, go back to yesterdays work and have another go before doing this one. Remember to contact Miss Taft on Seesaw if you would like more help.


Meet Catherine Scott - Spider scientist

Catherine was put in touch with our school through an organisation called 'Skype A Scientist'. We were matched together and we have been emailing each other about what we could do with class 5. I explained we were just about to learn more about animal and plant life-cycles when we closed, so Catherine is going to explain more about life cycles of a spider. As we are not in school, we could not arrange a live 'Skype' lesson for you, so her video lesson here is the next best thing. Some of you did send questions for Catherine on Seesaw which should be answered here. I'm sure once you have watched her lesson, you may have even more questions to ask - not just about spiders, but about life as a scientist. She lives and works in Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia... can you find out where that is?

I would like you to watch the video and see how much you can remember. You could take notes in your book - just like students do at universities when they have a lecture! Taking notes or jotting sketches and diagrams are a great way to help remember new facts. The video is about half an hour long, so do feel free to pause and watch in steps with breaks in between if you like!

Dr Catherine - Spider Scientist!

Teaching Y5 about spiders and answering their questions!