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Monday 13th July

Daily Reading / Spellings - just general stage 5 practice please  / Sumdog challenges




20. Summary of the whole of the unit




TOPIC - Crime & Punishment
Victorian Era

There are many worksheets and activities to choose from on the PDF below. Look at the guidance here which can give you an idea which activity to do.

easier - 6A

Read the extract from ‘Oliver Twist’ as a group. Provide children with worksheet 6A. Children to go through the questions one at a time and discuss altogether.

Medium - 6B
Children to read the extract from ‘Oliver Twist’, then write a diary entry about life as a child criminal on worksheet 6B.

Challenge - 6C
Provide children with the Transportation Story sheets. Give children some time to read through them, then challenge them to write their own story about a criminal who is sentenced to transportation to Australia but who attempts an escape. Children to plan their story on worksheet 6C, then write out independently.