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Friday 25th June

Daily practice:
Read your book / Wild Robot audio book
Spelling List 21
Play  Hit The Button for times tables practice and then give yourself a test using the Daily 10 site

Hive games today

stage 5 at 10:00 am

stage 4 at 10:30 am



Write your own setting description today with the help of Mr Emmerson.
Do skip the video to 2.25mins... otherwise you'll have to do his spelling test!
Mrs Dean will be sending through details of a hive game for you today so watch out for that.


I hope you are all practising your tables and giving yourself a test. If you haven't done that, then use the time today to learn a table you are having trouble with. 
If you need more maths to do.. Lesson 5 (summer week 3 - 4th May)of this sequence involves a challenge day and is all about cooking. You will definitely need a grown up to let you do this so please make sure you have permission and supervision.



ONLINE SAFETY: sharing photos - by the grown ups

This is an interesting point of view from Max and Harvey  - watch this together with your grown-up and have a conversation about it.