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If you would like to take part, Miss Taft has kindly prepared some tasks for My Money week:

Day 1 Planning A Day Out 
All of the lessons this week are quite discussion based and are pitched for ages 7-11. If you have brothers or sisters this age, it would be more fun to do as a family... what we should and shouldn't spend money on causes quite a debate!
Today's discussion is all about a boy called Max who is planning a day out and needs your help deciding what to spend his birthday money on...

Before you start the discussion, prepare the video and the PDFs
.Open the video link below (you will need to register to create a log-in - it is FREE)

Print or view the PDFs 
Parent guide -  pages 8-12
Children’s pages  - just print pages 3 & 4 (or view on screen) This is part of an extension so you may not need to use them)

1. Start discussion about how much money your child receives on birthdays and what they spend it on.

2. Watch 1st video of Max. At end - vote for the either seaside or zoo
At the end of each video, the your child must make a choice -  you play the video they vote for... you will see on the PDF all the different choices that will pop up. 

4. Extension activity (if you need another activity - depending on how long your discussions go): children have a copy of the activity choice cards each and cut out alternative ways to spend the money - or copy them into their book.