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Thursday 9th July 2020

Reading - read all about Amelia Earhart


In 1932, Amelia Earhart set out to be the first woman to fly on her own across the Atlantic ocean from Canada to Northern Ireland - over 3000 km! Watch this animation from the Explorers series to find out how latitude and longitude helped her on this incredible journey. Watch the video and then find out about Amelia Earhart. You could: 

Create a factfile all about her life and her mysterious disappearance

Make a powerpoint that charts her adventures

Create a map that shows her final journey adding the longitude and latitude of the places she travelled.

History KS2 | Explorers: Amelia Earhart | BBC Teach

The life of Amelia Earhart, a courageous pilot who broke records in the air, is introduced to primary pupils in this short animated film. It provides the per...

Maths - Today's clue is all about time!

Art - Today's art is shells. There are so many different types of shells. Have you ever collected shells at the beach? Below are some pictures for inspiration.