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This week we are going to be exploring a special book called 'Simon and Rosie' it is set in the current context of COVID-19. It has been created to promote a discussion of feelings at the current time, and is free of charge created by Lucy Moonen and illustrated by Gillian Johnson. I thought it too beautiful not to share. Click on the link below to find the story. I have made a donation on behalf of the class so there is no need for you to also donate to read the book unless you wish to. If at all possible today I would like Year 3 to read this with an adult and to discuss the story while you read and at the end. I will put some discussion questions below. Today's Task: Read and discuss the story Simon and Rosie. Then draw your favourite picture from the book and write a description of Rosie and Simon, using words from the book to help you.

Questions to discuss after reading the story.