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Tuesday 5th May

Activity 1

Good morning, follow the link below to watch this weeks first phonics video. Today we will be learning the sound 'oo'. Please use the document below after to help support your child reading and recognising the new sound

Activity 2

On the sheet below your child will have to decide who in the community can help them in the given situations. Use the pictures of people in different roles/jobs on the second sheet to help them decide. When your child has decided support them drawing a picture of them in the box. Challenge them to write the sounds the can hear in their name. For example, what sounds can you hear in the word doctor? 

Activity 3 

Follow the link below to the website Oxford Owl. If you haven't already make yourself an account as it is free and the site has lots of free Ebooks your child can read! When on the site click on Ebooks then scroll down and you will see a search bar. Search for the book called 'Spots'. This is a story where Kipper's family all get chicken pox and the local doctor has to visit them! Support your child reading the story then complete activity 1 and 2.