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Friday 24th April

Activity 1

It's Friday! Lets kick start the day with some fun disco yoga. Please follow the link I have attached below. 

Activity 4

Please feel free to pick one of the science activities I have attached underneath. Don't feel that you have to complete these activities. I have a uploaded them as I thought they would be fun and great way to get your children using their scientific thinking and understanding of the world. However, if you don't the resources at home please don't feel the need to go and buy them. 


If your struggling to find resources but want to complete a science activity then here are some ideas: 

.Going on a bug hunt in the garden

.Going on a walk and recording the different animals you see (your child could write of draw these) 

.Carefully observing flowers in the garden or on a walk (what do they have in common/what's different?)