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Friday 22nd May

Spelling Test today at 11:00 am. I will give you the code at 10:45am


Quick starter:

This week your maths is from the White Rose Maths Home Learning site. The work is from the week commencing Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May). You will need to scroll down each day to get to the lesson. One lesson each day this week.

Friday Challenge

DT holiday challenge for you!

This week Mrs Ross sent me a picture of her and Alex playing a game in the sunshine. I had never seen the game before and Mrs Ross explained that it was called Mancala. She also sent me instructions on how to make your own Mancala game and a video explaining how to play.  For your DT holiday challenge I would like you to follow the instructions, create a game and teach your family how to play Mancala. Please let me and Mrs Ross know how you get on. Perhaps you can even challenge her when all this is over. Have fun. Mrs J

Mancala | How to Play

A quick video showing you how to play the Mancala based on the Westernised version of the rules. There are at least 200 variations of games recorded under th...


Newspaper Reports - Lesson 5


Today is your choice. Choose something from Harry Potter to draw. Post the picture on Seesaw so I can see it.