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Friday 22nd May

Graphs and charts can at first seem simple but actually trip up lots of children. So have a go at this game and see how many you can do starting at level 2. By counting carefully (not rushing, hopefully you will move up to level 3 and earn lots of green ticks. If you find graphs tricky, start at level 1


After practising on the graphs above, have a go at the graph on the document below


Continue to add and embellish your River model. Send a photo to me for our journal and website. As an extra task - record a mini voice-over of your river journey. You can use Seesaw to record a voice note by using the large PLUS button, add a 'drawing' and there is a microphone to click. Or if you are able to make a short video about it - even better!


Dear parents and carers
Next week is half term and we will not be setting home learning so you can all have a break. If you would like some extra activities there are lots of links on our home learning page and we have updated our Just for Fun area to provide you with some ideas as well.

Feel free to do more work on your River model if you need to finish it.

Hope you have a lovely half term holiday and as always we are missing you all terribly and hope that you are all safe and well.

Miss Taft and the rest of the teaching staff