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Monday 1st June

It's a Science themed week this week! 

This week we will continue work on plants. Today's focus is on water transportation (how water travels through the plant).

For the practical activity, you can use a plant/celery/flower in water with some food dye. If you can't get hold of these, don't worry!


Practical investigation

1. You will need to mix some food dye in water

2. Place your celery stem/ flower stem/ plant stem into the water

3. Observe closely over the next 48 hours to see what happens to the coloured water and the stem that is in the water.

4. Take a photo and send us what you've observed on SeeSaw.

Predictions... Choose either the 1 *, 2 * or 3 * (1* is easier than 3*). If you can't print and cut out/stick, just copy the table and sentences into your book!