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Tuesday 21st April

Activity 1

Good morning! 

It's time for the first Fred Phonics lesson at home! Please follow the link below to watch my phonics video. I have filmed myself teaching a shortened version of a phonics lesson. Make sure you also practice reading and writing the 'ay' words in the document I have attached below. 


Activity 2

To introduce our Superhero topic I will be sending a video of myself reading the story 'Superheroes All sorts'. I will be sending this video at 10:00am tomorrow morning. If you unable to view the video or want to read the story again with your child I have also attached the story below. After your child has heard the story support them in drawing a picture of themselves as a Superhero and labelling the different parts of their costume. This can be completed in either their home learning book or on a piece of paper. Tomorrow we will be thinking about what their superpower might be!