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Monday 23rd March

This week, I'd like you to have a go at answering questions in your book about decimal fractions (sounds scary but don't panic! The online video lessons are lovely and clear. Pause, rewind and rewatch if you're a bit confused. We have done this in class many times using the counters - you could draw them in your book to help answer questions to help you understand.

Remember, if you find this work too tricky - try the work in the year groups below.




Words are amazing - especially when you find out where they came from.
Look at this link and copy out the eponyms into your book. You could draw a little picture of each one next them.

EPONYMS - click here

laughFun fact - if a book is named after a character, we say it is 'eponymous'.

eg. Harry Potter is an eponymous character
(because it's also the name of the book)


Do you have any eponymous books? Write them down