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Thursday 18th June

Daily practice:
Read your book / Wild Robot audio book
Spelling List 20
Play Sumdog or Hit The Button for times tables practice

Maths / Coding

Use the PDF below to sort out how to get the robot to the charging point.

If you would like more of a challenge to do with sequencing robot moves - try this link!
or... you could try the game such as the one below. (Click the picture for other games which are 'unplugged')

he objective of the game is to move the mouse through the path without missing any treats on its way.

Materials Needed

A deck of cards

A toy Mouse

A few toy yummy treats

How to play

One child acts as the Computer  (who moves the mouse by listening to the programmer’s instructions ). The other child acts as the Programmer (who gives the commands). The Programmer gives verbal instructions like 'Move Forward' (state how many card spaces), 'Move Backward' (state how many card spaces), and 'Turn Right' or 'Turn Left' to guide the computer/mouse throughout the path, without missing any of the yummy treats.

The challenge level of the game can be increased by creating a more complex maze and putting obstacles in pathways that the mouse has to escape from or manoeuver around.



7 Must-See Robots

Curator Ben Russell shares his 7 must-see robots in a Robots exhibition. Discover more at

If you listen more to yesterday's story, you come to know a great deal about Roz the robot; she is very good at adapting and thinking logically about how to solve problems. This is something scientists and inventors also do. Using the ideas on the PDF below (you could just read off screen and use plain paper), sketch an invention of your own. Maybe your robot could be designed for a specific reason - or maybe it can adapt to do many things. I think you will all be amazing at this task and can't wait to see you robot ideas!