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READ THIS POEM BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS. What do you think it is about? Why? Can you guess what any of the unfamiliar words mean?

Now listen to the poem - do you prefer to read it yourself or hear it performed?

Here, poet Liz Berry reads Birmingham Roller with a little explanation at the start as to why she chose this topic. Do you enjoy the poem more now you are starting to understand what it is about?

'Birmingham Roller' by Liz Berry

Now listen to it again - but this time with a visual image for you and an explanation of all the words. Now, which do you prefer - reading the story on a piece of paper, having it read to you or having it read to you along with images to help explain the poem?

This written version has an explanation of the meaning of some of the words.

Poetry can be beautiful if we give it a chance. Can you write a poem about something very ordinary but has spectacular qualities? Eg. moths, dandelions, oak trees, bumble bees....