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St Mary's Big Questions

Big Questions

Big Questions are the ones that don’t have an easy/or an immediate answer.

Children ask us many questions every day and most of them start off with that little word, ‘Why?’

Big questions are often open and can be tricky to answer!

They may even be unanswerable or there may be more than one answer according to view point or perspective.

 The aim is to encourage meaningful debate, rather than finding easy answers.


These questions encourage children to offer theories, work collaboratively, use reason and think critically. A good Big Question will connect more than one subject area, for example, I wonder what would happen if bees became extinct?


Big Questions should be ones which encourage research, debate and critical thinking.

Big Questions are about acquiring the skills needed to find the answers and how to argue rationally, with knowledge and understanding the need to respect the view of others.


Why do we ask Big Questions?

  • To encourage children to think beyond the obvious.
  • To encourage children to think of as many possibilities as they can, before deciding upon the best or most appropriate answer.
  • To listen to the view point of others
  • To increase their understanding of a topic
  • To promote critical thinking
  • To encourage children to articulate their thoughts


We love to ask Big Questions at St Mary's.

Some examples are:

  • Should we buy free trade products or the cheapest?
  • Why are there so many Homeless people across the world?
  • Why does war happen?
  • How can we be a great friend?

We would love it if you would take some time to discuss with your children and share and debate these areas.