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Thursday 21st May 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

Get a jar, a bottle, or a tub and stick this label on. Then open the document below and choose one of the 'Things I am grateful for' cards, write on it and put it in your Gratitude Jar. Your family can add to it too, you can do every day or just once a week on Thoughtful Thursday. 







Gratitude Jar printable activity


Last week we (Mrs Fosbery, Mrs Pullen and Mrs Burton) were at school (there are still some children who are coming because of their parents' jobs) and we went to the pond, the one by Year 6. It was amazing, there were newts, pond skaters, water snails and dragon flies and we wished that you were there with us. When you come back to school, we will take you there and you can see the incredible pond life for yourselves. Up until then, we have found some videos for you to explore. Click on this picture. Log into espresso (student15593 griffin) and watch part 1. Then click next and watch parts 2 and 3. 


Watch the story of The Tadpole's Promise again. 

Your task today is to write your own story about a pond.

You have learnt about the different animals that live there, so firstly decide upon your characters.

After that it is up to you what happens in your story. It can be exciting, happy, or unexpected! 

We look forward to reading your stories. Send us your finished versions on Seesaw. You can either take a photo or send us a video of you reading your story. We look forward to hearing from you.


Click on the picture to take you to the BBC Bitesize lesson for today. Please watch the video first (8 minutes long). Then complete the worksheets at your own level. As always we have also put copies of the worksheets below. The second set of worksheets is quite tricky as you are exchanging ones for tens, so only do this if you are ready. Remember to do a bit of Karate Kids if you have time!

PHONICS - Read The Meerkat with the big ears' story. How many -ear words can you spot? Write them down in your Home Learning book