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Thursday 14th May

Thursday 14th May




Today's focus... SIKHISM

Today we are going to dip into the Sikh religion. We have not studied this religion in depth yet so I hope you will find it enlightening. This faith refers often to their ‘Guru’.  Guru means ‘teacher’. There have been 10 human gurus leading the Sikh faith since it began about 600 years ago. So it is quite a young religion compared to others. All of the Sikh teachings where written into a large book, and the book itself is considered to be the last guru. The book - called Guru Granth Sahib - is read aloud in Sikh places of worship 24 hrs a day. It takes 2 days to read from start to finish. Hopefully you will be able to visit a Sikh Gurdwara in Birmingham with our school one day and see this for yourselves, as previous children have.

The focus on today’s sheet is about a particular celebration in the Sikh calendar called VAISAKHI Then try the jigsaw activity which is all about the important things in your life which make up your identity.

There is a great deal more on this sheet to do and learn about - it's up to you how much you want to do. 





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