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Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday 10th June

Daily spelling/maths/reading practice 
Spelling List: 19
Quick Maths or SUMDOG practice
Listen to The Wild Robot

My Money Week: Insurance
This is a nice activity which explains why many people use 'insurance'.
Follow the discussion guidance on the plan.
The children's activity at the end is to design a poster which advertises a new type of insurance which will help people save money.


Some people are lucky enough to have climbed a mountain. If you have ever been skiing, you would probably have been on a mountain. Today I would like you to consider why people want to climb mountains (even though some are very dangerous!)

Here are 4 true stories about famous dangerous expeditions to reach the summit of 3 mountains. Each of them happened at different times, when equipment and technology was vastly different to today.

If you could have been on one of these teams - whose would you pick? Why?

A diary of a day on the expedition. You could pretend to be the team leader or write as yourself being in that team.