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Wednesday 1st April

MATHS - perimeter (choose from an easier, medium or hard sheet)

On these sheets, it asks you to measure rectangles below the images - which can only be done if you print them out. Please therefore just do the questions where the measurements are already given and don't worry about the rest. The first sheet is the easier and the 3rd is the hardest.

Intro to Perimeter for Kids: How to Find the Perimeter of Polygons



In the Lighthouse animation, there is no dialogue for the story. Therefore, we do not know much about the Lighthouse keepers voice, his tone, his character. We know what he is like on the outside (his appearance), but what do you think he is like on the inside? Kind and caring? Rough and grumpy? Forgetful? Super-organised and like a sergeant-major? This is your chance to bring the character to life. Hearing someone speak, and how they say it, can tell us a great deal about a personality.

Create a character profile for him. You could simply write a description or draw a large 'gingerbread' man with outside labels and inside labels. This task will be helpful for you towards the end of the week.