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Tuesday 12th May

Please listen to and learn our song 'Looking to the Rainbow'

Reading Lesson

Follow the BBC Bitesize Reading lesson: The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd.


Maths - Dartboards

Today's problem is about finding scores on a dartboard. 

Start with the problem above.

Then have a go at either Dartboard 1 or Dartboard 2

1 is slightly easier than 2.

Dartboard 1 and 2

Topic - Multi  Faith Week

Hindus worship God in many different ways. Today you will learn about one celebration of God in the form of the Goddess, Durga. Watch this clip from the BBC.It is all about a special festival of worship to Durga in Calcutta, a huge city in India.

When you have watched the video. Read through the fact sheet and answer the questions in your home learning book.


Art Challenge

Can you see why Hindu women dance such a lot at the Durga Puja? It was a great victory of good over evil. Your task is to draw the great battle between Durga and Mahishasur? Watch the video below to help you.

The Story of Goddess Durga in English | Mythological Stories from Mocomi Kids presents: The Story of Goddess Durga in English for Kids Durga, the goddess of power and strength, is perhaps the most important goddess ...